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Dec 23, 2012 6:30pm EST
night ahead. cloudy skies tomorrow, rain and snow, believe it or not. snow action across the area and two storms on the board we have to watch going into the next 24- hours and one going into wednesday and thursday. lookinga at the temperatures across the area. we are in the 30s now. middle 30s outside of the beltway. it is 45 in baltimore city. double to the east, you are at 39. we will see a lot of 20s outside of the city. a calm wind right now. certainly a 180 from where we have been all weekend long. gusty winds on side. that pushed up towards northern new england. clouds will thin out. a blend of stars and clouds. hour by hour forecast reflects that. clear skies at 8:00. we are back at 11:00 and it will be 37 degrees. we are 32 going only to 37 degrees. a chilly day tomorrow. we will await more rain and snow to move in. we are clear right now. if we pwrod ep out the shot we will see snow shots over new england and then more action towards the tennessee valley that is system although it is a weak system. so, clouds in here first and then here comes a chance for rain and snow. here
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1